Pictures are an important part of my life. I love taking pictures of everything from my husband to our cat Steve and our new puppy Berrie. Taking pictures is a great way to chronicle the life of my family as well as the growth of my family. I usually just store those pictures on my computer or put them in my scrapbook, but I don’t really get a chance to share them with too many people. Thus the creation of this blog, my attempt to encourage myself to keep taking those pictures and posting them so I have a archive of moments and I can share them with you as well.

Living right on the shores of Lake Michigan in Northern Michigan provides for ample opportunities to take tons of pictures. The changing of the seasons is one of my favorite times, especially fall, with the gorgeous fall leaves. Most people think I am crazy because I enjoy winter and here in Michigan the winters can be pretty long. But the snow it what I love, there is a peace that comes with the snow that is not found during any other season. So as we begin a transition from fall to winter I hope to capture my favorite time in pictures to share here.

And without further ado, I welcome you to my life in pictures!


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