I have been thinking a lot about resolutions and goals that last few weeks with New Years and all.  I thought I had determined them all, but I have decided upon one more goal for the year and for this blog specifically.  This blog has been neglected, as I often just post on my book blog.  But this year I am trying to put a few more personal posts on that blog and thought, hey I have this other blog that just sits there why not use that one too.  So for the rest of this year I am going to try and write something no matter how small or insignificant each and everyday, to help me document 2011 in words and pictures with my thoughts.  And why not I mean so far this is turning out to be a pretty amazing year and it is only the 9th day into the year.

Just before Christmas my husband and I put an offer in on a house and it was accepted.  Now we are just waiting for the final appraisal and then we can go to closing, hopefully later this week or next.  Then the fun really beginnings: cleaning, painting, moving, unloading, and unpacking.  But I can’t wait this is going to be the best anniversary present ever!


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