Reading and My Love of Libraries

For as long as I can remember books have played a big role in my life.  Growing up my mom took my brother and I to the library on a weekly basis.  The library was a second home for me.  I got to know all of the staff pretty well and I even started volunteering there an afternoon during the school year and a few days a week during the summer when I was just in elementary school.  I loved getting to work in the backroom and help the librarians do their jobs.

This volunteer work helped me land a page position when I was in high school and continued to work there throughout high school and a few summers during college.  I loved working with the public and helping people find their next book to read.  During high school I read all the time, keeping up with the best sellers.  I didn’t read much in the way of teen books in high school because their just wasn’t the same amount their is today.  But then Harry Potter hit and after that the rest is history.  I became a children’s and teen lit addict.

But with college and the demands of my classes I took a break from reading heavily for a few years.  Once I graduated and began working again I found I had more time in the evenings again (no more homework), so I rediscovered my love of reading and it has only grown from there.

My love of reading and my love of libraries finally lead me back to my one true passion in life, working with books and the public.  I have never regretted leaving the science world for the library world.  I am a much happier person because of it.  I work with kids and teens on a daily basis.  I am passionate about my work and I love what I do.  Libraries are a wealth of information and a great resource and I’m so proud to work in one.


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