Sew Simple Skirts

I love wearing skirts.  They are so easy to wear and make you look a little more dressy and put together especially for work.  My day job as a youth librarian (birth-age 18) I’m all over the place on any given day.  So my skirts must meet a few requirements, first they need to hit right at my knees, I’m often at kid level so I like my skirts to be a little longer to make it easier for me to kneel down to their level.  Second I love skirts for storytime, they make the dancing much more fun when my skirt twirls with me, but those skirts must come well below my knees when I’m sitting.

So I thought for a fun challenge for myself I would create a new skirt for each week of my Summer Reading Program.  My program runs from June 13 to August 13, so nine weeks, nine new skirts to wear during the summer.  Plus this will be a great way to help me improve my sewing skills and become a more confident seamstress.

I made one skirt yesterday and was pretty happy with my first attempt on my own (I sewed plenty when I was younger but mom was there to help along the way).

Just a simple skirt pattern that I picked up from the local fabric store.  I need to embellish a little since it wasn’t quite the length I wanted so I added the green strip at the bottom.  Which I really like, it adds a little extra to a simple skirt without too much hassle. Off to sew a few more practice skirts and then one to my designer fabrics I picked up on sale!
Happy Sewing!

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