new projects

Over the last few weeks, I haven’t done much sewing but I have been working on creating some beautiful fabric flowers. I love making these they are so simple and I can wipe out a bunch of them in the evening after work, while watching a little tv or listening to an audiobook. I’ll post some pictures in a later post.

I have some sewing projects on deck, such as a bunch of skirts for the summer and I need to finish the valence for our bedroom as well as the curtains for our living room. Those should keep me busy. Plus I’m trying to work on a scheduling time to work on the blog and work on sewing projects seeing as I would like to create a small handmade business to sell some of my lovely creations.

One final project that I need to finish is painting our house, maybe this will be a good week to get that down since the weather looks pretty yucky. And maybe just maybe I’ll get my craft studio room set up (not painted of course) but set up so I can have easy access to my fabric.

Have a wonderful week, I’m off to have a date night with my hubby, a cheap movie and dinner date.


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