Sew Simple Bag

I love bags. I am always on the look out for a new bag. I especially love bags that can haul lots ‘o’ stuff in them. L.L. Bean Boat Totes are probably my all time favorite bag. Seeing as we just purchased a home recently I decided that instead of ordering a new tote, I would try and sew my own tote. After scrolling around the internet and looking at different bag patterns, I was getting frustrated, either the directions were unclear or they didn’t include pictures to help illustrate the point. (I’m a bit of a visual learning, especially when it comes to sewing) So this morning I decided I would just start creating my own tote and see how it went, no pattern to worry about, just cut our my pieces and sew them together. Man, why didn’t I think of this a while ago, it was so simple to pull together my bag in an afternoon. Plus having plenty of bag inspiration around the house helped a ton.

I’m pretty happy with my new bag. This will make it much easier to transport craft projects so I can work on them during my lunch break. I can’t wait to sew my next bag.


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