Netbook Tote

I love my netbook, but I never could find a bag that was cute that I could tote my netbook around in. So of course I decided it was time to make a tote for my netbook.

I am finding as I’m becoming more comfortable sewing, that I hate using patterns. Rather I enjoy creating my own and using those, even if I’m just measuring and cutting my fabric. No need to pin a pattern down.  So to determine my size that I would need to make my tote, I just set my netbook on my fabric and roughly estimated how much to cut. For reference I have a 10″ netbook and used a 1/2″ seem allowance.

I did the same for the lining and interfacing as well. Then the easy part is the actual sewing, just straight lines.

This was the first time that I attempted sewing with an interfacing and I must say it makes all the difference in this tote. It gave the tote just a little extra stability. Now I have a cute tote to carry my netbook around in. Plus now I have a tote in my new favorite color combination, gray and yellow!


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