Ribbon Necklaces

I love jewelry! I especially love handmade jewelry.

When we first moved to Holland, we lived in a nice apartment. But it didn’t really leave any move to pull out my beads, let alone my sewing machine. I just must say it is so nice having a space to work on my projects (even if it is in the kitchen, but our table is just the right height for cutting fabric) so I have been working in between the various other projects going on at our house. Needless to say I can’t wait for the painting to be completed and the rest of the pictures hung, then the first floor besides the craft studio will be complete.

Okay back on topic. So the last few days I have been in a jewelry making phase. Mainly creating ribbon necklaces. I made one last spring, but something just wasn’t working. So I decided to give it a go again and this time they have come out beautifully. Measuring the space between thread stitches, has made all the different (not that these have to be perfect or anything). The internet is a wonderful thing, filled with tutorials and ideas. I can find my inspiration and tweak the idea to suit my needs and my personal style.

The best thing about these necklaces is their adjustable length. One day I can wear it longer and the next nice and short.


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