Sew Simple Dog Bed Tutorial

I love my puppy dearly, but when she was a puppy she loved eating her beds. So my husband and I decided that we weren’t going to buy her another one until she got a little older (she is almost 2) but when looking at the store most of the dog beds were over $30. Yikes! I thought I can make a nicer bed for her at half the cost.

Looking at most of the store dog beds they all had a good 2 inches of foam and covered in fabric, pretty easy supplies to come by. I decided to use a cheap full-size foam mattress topper. I found one at Target for $15 for the thickness that I wanted. I then folded the mattress topper in half (for thickness) cut. Then cut the mattress topper in half again. You can make 2 double thickness dog beds from a full-size mattress topper (making the cost for each foam bed roughly $7.50, not bad at all).

Next I laid out my fabric to cut, but of course the my puppy, Berrie wanted to help.

For the top I used a terry cloth fabric that was a little stretchy. This will allow for some forgiveness while closing the seam at the end. For the bottom fabric I used a thick canvas so it would hold up to my puppy.

Next pin the sides together, sew along 3 of the edges, leaving one open to stuff your foam into.

Then pin the open seam and sew along the edge. If you are not sewing on a large table, I recommend having some help holding the foam while sewing on your machine, this greatly improved the last seam and made it much easier to handle the foam. Remember to remove all of your pins and allow your puppy to enjoy their new dog bed.

Depending on the type of fabric that you use, you can make two dog beds for well under $30, that’s two handmade dog beds for the price of one store bought dog bed, now that is music to my ears!


3 thoughts on “Sew Simple Dog Bed Tutorial

  1. kay says:

    you give me hope Merlin loves to eat his bed made him 2 and now he has conrad old comforter. but maybe he too will grow out of that stage.. i love the bed and when i am ready i will do the same..

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