{Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop} Kitchens

This week’s prompt for your June 9th post is KITCHENS. I dream about a beautiful kitchen with LOTS of counter space {we have very little currently}, beautiful colors and handy gadgets. Right now I am loving red, turquoise and yellow in a kitchen. What do you love in your kitchen? Do you have a favorite kitchen tool? What do you wish your kitchen would look like? What inspires you about KITCHENS?

I have lived in quite a few different apartments and houses in my 28 years. All of the kitchens in my past apartments have been horrible. Too small, not enough counter space and just plain dark {one didn’t even have a window in the kitchen}. Well that all changed when my hubby and I bought our first home in January.

I finally have a kitchen that has counter space and an island! One of the best things about this kitchen, it opens into the dining area and living room area {really it is one big room and I LOVE it!}

a nice simple kitchen and I love my island!

dining area, I love the open floor plan of my house

But with any house after you have lived in it for a little while you start to find ways and areas that need improvement. And of course this kitchen is not different. I mean I have big plans for this kitchen. My hubby said that once I pay off my student loans I get to redo the kitchen {after saving up some money for the remodel of course}, well this will be a few years but I’ve already got some ideas. Here is my inspiration found via Pinterest.

this would be very useful in my kitchen!


I love farm sinks, plus the turquoise cabinet is beautiful


Just some of my inspiration for my kitchen. Someday I will get to redo my kitchen, but I want to make sure my remodel is a debt-free remodel. So it might take a little while but it will happen one day!


4 thoughts on “{Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop} Kitchens

  1. Oh my goodness, that pull out soup can organizer cabinet is to DIE for!! I would love that! And that sink…{swoon}…I linked up to the Inspiration Workshop on my blog (www.gracefilledhome.org) and I put a picture of a farm sink/apron sink as well. They make my domestic heart go flutter 🙂

    • Jess says:

      I know, I love the organizer cabinet. It would be so nice, so I wouldn’t have to dig for cans in my bottom cupboard, they seem to get lost in there for some reason.

  2. i love open kitchens the over look the family room. lucky lady. my kitchen is a cave. the farmhouse sink is a must in a kitchen. i want one soo bad.

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