{summer skirt challenge} A-Line skirt

I think I have a problem when it comes to patterns. Well I just don’t like following them. I’m always changing a pattern to fit my needs. So this week I decided to take the plunge and really look into what it would take to create and draft my own pattern. {I did create my own pattern for the circle skirt, but that was just a simple pattern, it was time for a challenge}

I love the internet, have I mentioned that before. You can find just about anything you want to make on the internet. So I started looking for ways to draft my own pattern and there are plenty of tutorials out there for just that.

I can now take my basic pattern and create so many more skirts from this one pattern!

The sewing is super simple, sew the two side seams, add your elastic waistband {I’m all about elastic waist skirts in the summer}, then hem. Of course I hate hemming my skirts so I just added a ruffle to the bottom of my skirt, which I think turned out pretty nice!

love the pink a-line with a ruffle


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