{Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop} Spend the Day Playing {more like the whole weekend}

This week’s prompt is SPEND THE DAY PLAYING. Playing isn’t just for the wee ones, but is important for us adults, too! If you had a day free, what would you do? Or, if you had the opportunity recently, what did you do? Maybe this is a great excuse to get out and do something fun one day this week :] I encourage you to share photos you’ve taken, or photos of things you’d like to do {remember to include proper photo credit}. I challenge you to put together a playful photo collage of how you SPENT THE DAY PLAYING! I can’t wait to get started on this one…!

What perfect timing for this post. Last week summer reading started at my library. So was running around, hosting 4 different programs last week, I was pretty beat by the end of the week. I was ready for a day of play! {More like an entire weekend of play!}

My weekend of play started on Friday after I got out of work. It is just so nice to come home to a puppy who is just so excited to see you when you walk through the door. Berrie always brings a smile to my face {just as long as she didn’t get into anything during the day} it could have been a bad day, program didn’t go right or I’m just in a bad mood, she brings me out of it! The hubby and I went out for pizza at our favorite place in Holland; Sub-n-More! {Love them!}

Berrie loves playing fetch, so we picked up some new tennis balls for her and threw them until she was tired {not that she would ever get too tired to play fetch}.

play fetch her favorite thing to do

It was a wonderful weekend just spent playing with Berrie and hanging out with the wonderful hubby. On Saturday we headed out to the Holland Farmer’s Market and picked up some Michigan strawberries!!! And asparagus, yummy! Berrie of course had to come along for a ride in the car. Then we headed down to Saugatuck and just walked around town before heading home for some lunch.

Berrie loves going for rides

Yummy! Michigan Strawberries

It was just one of those perfect days.

Later in the day my hubby and I both did some reading {I have to have some time for reading even on a day meant for playing}. I discovered my new favorite book of the year, Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt. Simply an amazing book, if you have not read any of his work before I highly recommend his previous book The Wednesday Wars.

Sunday was just a lazy day, more reading and spending time with Berrie. My hubby and I are trying to get plenty of exercise in. So that means plenty of bike riding for me and walking. Plus Berrie just loves going on walks with us.

All in all a wonderful weekend, spending time with my hubby and crazy dog. Definetly how I need to spend my weekends at least during the summer, an excellent way to help unwind after a crazy week at the library {but it is so worth it!}. I didn’t get to any sewing over the weekend, but I did sell my first item on Etsy, so that was so exciting!


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