{living room rearrange}

Since my husband and I moved into our house back in February, we set up our living room as such.

Well I was not a big fan of the set-up, but it worked for the time being. I have come to believe that you first must live in the rooms to really see where the furniture should end up.

During the morning when it is particularly sunny the sun hits you right in the face, not fun when you are trying to watch something on TV or trying to read on a lazy Saturday morning.

So this weekend, I decided while I was moving furniture around to vacuum {Berrie is in the middle shedding her winter coat, Finally!} to try and rework the living room.

This is how the living room ended up.

So far I’m loving this arrangement. The couch is moved along the half-wall and out of the direct sunlight, plus the TV didn’t really have to move too far. {Big plus you can’t see the TV while it is on from outside of our house, I hate that} And the big plus for me at least is this rearrange has really opened up our main living space, which is really nice! I love how a simple rearrangement of furniture can make a big difference in how a room feels.


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