{Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop} Perfect Bathroom

I must say I have really been enjoying the Inspiration Workshop. What a fun way to find inspiration and have a little fun daydreaming as well.

So this week, the perfect bathroom. Perfect, who hasn’t dreamed of the perfect bathroom. For me the perfect bathroom must include a tub that I can soak in. I hate the standard tubes, they are just not big enough to take a long hot soak in. This week’s prompt has been a great time for me to start think of ideas of how I would like our downstairs bathroom to be arranged {since the bathroom was unfinished when we bought our house earlier this year}. Here are some of my favorite ideas found on Pinterest.

LOVE the tube and the color combination! I want the aqua blue door!

Jessica Pugh via Marian via Pinterest

This is the type of tube that would need to be in my perfect bathroom and I love the raised sink.

What a wonderful sink and I love the open shelving, a must have in my perfect bathroom!

Jessica Pugh via Renee Herzog Muller via Pinterest

This green is a very calming color. The openness of the shelves, even under the vanity are great {would help me keep the bathroom clean, well in theory}.

love the black & white stripes

 Jessica Pugh via Jeannie Guzis via Pinterest

Love this idea, but I guess I’m weird like that, especially seeing as I have a bright orange bathroom currently and love it. Love interesting color combinations and trying different techniques to make your home unique.

So what would your perfect bathroom look like, check out the other inspiration posts on Gussy Sews!



5 thoughts on “{Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop} Perfect Bathroom

  1. Hello! I found you on Gussy’s Inspiration Blog! Since all of these are inspiring in a way to you I’d say you have a very eclectic taste! {me too} I can’t ever decide if I love the traditional or the contemporary…but both pull at my heart! The black and white one I am afraid scares me a bit! Heaven forbid you ever try to paint over it!

    Have a lovely day!


  2. I love the color combination of the aqua and green with the natural wood tones. It’s contemporary and daring, for me. I wonder if I could pull it off….I might try it in an outfit or two. I usually test them out this way…weird, a bit.

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