{New Rosette Necklaces}

I love rosette necklaces, you can easily have a new necklace for every different outfit you have. Great for casual wear and now for those more dressier occasions.

I have created a line of rosette necklaces set in a lace edge bezel cup. The bezel cup really gives this necklace a little something extra. I have two currently listed in the shop and will be adding more over the next month or so.

Polka Dots in Brown

October Afternoon

I have also been working on my School/Team Spirit Rosette Necklaces. These are great to wear to any sporting event, perfect for those Saturday afternoon college football games. These necklaces can be created for any team, including high school, college, and professional teams.

Michigan State University school spirit necklace

University of Michigan necklace

University of Florida

And I am working on listing a few other large schools including, University of Iowa, University of Georgia, Ohio State, Nebraska, University of Kansas, just to name a few.

So excited, time to get back to work on those rosettes!


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