{Cooking from Pinterest} Homemade Pizza

I love Pinterest, I could spend hours browsing through the various boards. So I’ve started creating items from my Pinterest boards and it has been a blast.

I think finally after 3 years of marriage my husband and I are building up a nice collection of easy to make, yummy recipes. We are definitely starting to branch out with our cooking and learning a few tricks along the way.

I have found some wonderful inspiration from Pinterest when it comes to recipes.

I love pizza, my husband loves pizza, but we have not been able to perfect the homemade pizza just yet.

Until now.

We finally decided that we need to start making our own crust, so where did I look for inspiration {Pinterest} and I found a great pizza dough recipe that I just had to try.

Click on the picture to Annie's Eats

So last weekend we decided to finally try this pizza dough recipe from Annie’s Eats and boy was it yummy! In the blog post Annie gives some tricks and tips for making homemade pizza as well as the recipe.

One trick that we have started using is preheating our pizza stone with the oven. Why did I not think of this before, it sure made the pizza just yummy and plus then you don’t have to get your stone up to temp, since it is already there and you are less likely to over cook your pizza {Yuck!}.

Now I’m just waiting for fall to try out more recipes discovered on Pinterest!



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