I love fall. It is a time for a renewed start and that is just what I am going to be doing. On Sunday, we had a sermon about prayers and whether we know if they have been answered and have we been surprised when God does listen. For me especially the last few months, I was really starting to feel like my prayers were falling on deaf ears. Until I prayed knowing that God was listening, now I just needed to be mindful and see how my prayer was answered. Little did I know it would come later that night.

I have been telling myself and everyone else that I am really okay, I am getting past my miscarriage from this spring. Well the last few weeks, the pain has been resurfacing and times I just want to burst out crying. I know it is because my due date is upon me and by myself I am weak and can’t handle the pain. But with God I am getting stronger and know I can face the day with my head held high. So on Sunday I sent out my prayer that would God please give me the strength and lead me to a way that I can show and express my loss. Well later that night I found the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and some pretty amazing women sharing their stories. While it was making me cry I couldn’t help but smile knowing the God showed me the way, when I was ready to come to terms with my loss.

So I began reading Ann’s book and began keeping my list of 1000 gifts and a prayer journal to see just how God is listening and answering my prayers.

Gifts 1-11

  1. quiet mornings
  2. loving hubby
  3. puppy kisses
  4. crisp fall air
  5. long hikes through the woods
  6. sunsets on Lake Michigan
  7. strength provided through God
  8. prayer
  9. warm chocolate chip cookies
  10. books
  11. storytime with little ones at the library


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