{Goals for 2012}

Well 2011 is almost in the history books. This has been a pretty amazing year, filled with ups and downs. But it was a good year overall. My husband and I become home owners, work for both of us has been great {thankful for my hubby’s new job} and I started my own crafty business.

As always at the end of the year, I like to think about the coming year and create some goals. Since my hubby and I are currently in the middle of combining our office/craft room to create a guest bedroom, I will not be doing much crafting. So I have started a Pinterest board for my 2012 projects. My goal is to complete 2 projects from the board a month.

As for Sew Simple Sew Jess {the shop} I’m taking a break for the holidays. And I will be back after the new year with new necklaces, work totes, and library book bags. My goal for the shop in 2012 is to have all of my items be ready to ship. This should allow me to have more time to do a little quilting and other crafts around the house. I’m sure I will be adding other goals as I work on my shop during my little break. But for now it is back to cleaning and organizing.


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