{Working in the Nursery}

It is finally time to start working in the nursery. We have been using the nursery as our guest room since last Christmas. At the time we painted a pretty gray coloring knowing that hopefully soon this would become the nursery. Well a few months later and we were pregnant! Since then I haven’t really done a lot with the room.

I was having trouble settling on a color scheme. I knew I wanted something that would be gender neutral,since we plan on having at least 2 kiddos. So have much debate with myself and looking to Pinterest for inspiration I finally settled on orange, blue, and green for a color scheme.

So I started pulling together items to make the room a cozy nursery. I made the curtains from a Target table cloth that I cut in half and hemmed up the one side. Easy peasy!

My hubby made some bookshelves for the nursery so I can have all of our little one’s books on display for them to see! This past weekend I finally got them painted orange and hubby hung them. I think they look perfect. I’m thinking I will need some baskets for the board books so I can fill the shelves with even more books!

So I’m pretty happy with the progress of the nursery. We got our nursery furniture from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and I ordered my fabric from my crib skirt, can’t wait for it to come it. And this past weekend we drove down to IKEA and picked up the crib mattress and a few other items for the house. Once the crib area is done, I’ll be posting more pictures hopefully of the completed nursery! Can’t believe only 10 weeks left!



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