Favorite Books for Babies

I love reading to Nora and she loves being read to. I try to vary what I’m reading to her with books that we checkout from the library and books from our home library. I defiantly have a few books that I read to her on a daily basis. Right now Sandra Boynton board books are her absolute favorites.

I love reading Barnyard Dance. It is just a fun little book perfect for learning some of the basic barnyard animals. I can’t wait until Nora is a little older so we can act out the book as we read it together. Now she just loves bopping along to my singing of the book. Bless this child for dealing with my singing, but she seems to enjoy it!

Another favorite is Fifteen Animals. I discovered this one many years ago during a book rep meeting at one of my former libraries. This became an instant hit with me and a book that I always give for baby showers. I want to make a flannel board for this one so it will be easier to count the animals and act out the book as well.

If I read nothing else to Nora during the day I have to read these two books to her no matter how the day has been. But lets be honest I usually read a few different books to her everyday. It’s fun to see what she enjoys listening to already at a young age and I look forward to watching that evolve over the years. Nora is starting to really enjoy our reading time and I hope that continues as she gets older.


My little bookworm!


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