Weekend Snapshots

Last Friday Derek had some late night/weekend work in Bay City, so Nora and I tagged along. Well they finished all of the worked on Friday night so that left us all day Saturday to spend time as a family! Since we were on the east side of the state and Frankenmuth was about 30 minutes away we drove down and walked around downtown Frankenmuth.

Starting to sit all by our self!

Starting to sit all by herself!



On Sunday we were going to just relax from driving Friday and Saturday, but it was just so nice out we decided to head to Tulip Time and take in the tulips. Thank goodness we live just across the river from downtown Holland and can just walk! Total craziness!



There are tulips this year instead of just stems!


Nora slept the entire time we were walking through the Tulip fields.





After walking around downtown Holland we headed to Biggy for a frozen treat. Love frozen hot chocolate! Nora has really started yo become interested in whatever Derek or myself are doing especially when it come to eating and drinking. She kept reaching out for our drinks so when Derek was finished we let her hold the cup and managed to get the lid off. That’s my little stinker!


A nice weekend, now I only hope Nora naps well today as she decided 6:30 am would be a great time to get up this morning! Oh well such is life.


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