Berrie, Berrie

So last night was one of those nights. We got to spend most of the evening at the 24 hour Vet Clinic in Grand Rapids. Berrie managed to pull a tuft of fur out on something in the yard last night and the tear was bad enough that it required stitches. Just thankful that it was just the first layer of skin and not any deeper.

So needless to say our normally crazy full of energy dog just doesn’t know what to do with herself since she can’t really run (at least until the staples are removed) and I think for the first time she is noticing pain (this dog has an incredibly high tolerance for pain). Now she is on an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication to help her heal faster. So today she is hanging around momma for comfort and reassurance and she is getting plenty of snuggles and pets.

Poor Berrie :(

Poor Berrie 😦


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