5 Months

Another month older.

5 things about Nora

  1. She has started to sit all by herself. And she is improving everyday. During the day she does not want to lay down at all, she will fuss until I sit her up then she’s good.
  2. Nora has discovered that she can stick out her tongue. She is so funny and she knows it!
  3. She has really started to show interest in whatever Derek or I are eating. If she is sitting in our lap during mealtimes she tries to pull the plate to her and has started to mimic us chewing our food. I don’t think we will be able to keep her from solids much longer.
  4. Nora enjoys going for walks in the stroller, now that she can look out and see the world.
  5. Nora and Berrie are starting to take an interest in one another. Berrie loves trying to give her kisses and Nora wants to “pet” Berrie (which usually involves pulling on her fur). Once Nora can crawl I don’t know what Berrie is going to do.

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