The First Mile

Source: iwillrunforfood

For me the first mile of a run is always the toughest. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing a short or long run that day, that first mile always wants to kick my butt. And some days that first mile does kick my butt. But if I continue through that first mile, then I’m golden, I hit my stride and I’m off. I have come to love the feeling that running is giving me. Something, anything could be bothering me but once I lace up my shoes and hit the pavement I leave those worries behind and just focus on the road ahead.

Running has done wonders for my postpartum anxiety/depression. I can tell when I have not gone for a run. My anxiety levels start going through the roof. Every little thing starts to bother me, especially if Nora decides that she doesn’t want to sleep but just nurse all night long. Those are the days that I’m glad I took up running again. I can release that anxiety by giving my all to my run and by the end I’m a new momma! I run for my sanity so I can be the mom that I want to be to Nora. Without it I don’t know where I would be right now.

I’ve started training for my next 5K at the end of June. I still want to push myself so for this 5K I’m going to try and keep my pace at a 12:00 mile. I was close to this during my last race and I just want to see if I can maintain this speed since my last few runs I have been going a little slower (may have to do that I’m pushing a jogging stroller that I don’t push during races). If I am able to maintain a 12:00 mile pace I should finish the race in roughly the same amount of time if not a little better!


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