Recent Projects

Boy has this been a crazy month. The last few weekends have been action packed and the weather has been gorgeous so sitting down at my computer has been low on the priority list. But I have been getting a few things finished in the house. The family room has been painted and our couches and TV have made the move. I have bare walls to fill but I’m working on it. Now the upstairs living room is looking a little bare until we save up some money to purchase a few more chairs as that will now be our reading/library area (and future homework area as well).

I actually did a little sewing! I purchased the fabric for our guest room long before Nora arrived, I just never got around to actually sewing them (as it was a little difficult sewing with a pregnant belly). Of course it is a little difficult sewing with a 5 month old that doesn’t like to nap, but we are making do. She likes to play with her building stack, rings, and books so she can entertain herself for a little while without getting bored. So in between nursing sessions and playing with Nora I managed to get the curtains done! And I’m pretty happy how they turned out. Now I just need to get some artwork and pictures on the walls so the room is more inviting.

IMG_20130613_122121So my sewing machine has been driving me crazy, for pretty much ever. The bobbin is finicky, which makes getting the tension right a nightmare. Well I was making a baby blanket for a baby shower and was getting frustrated with my machine, so Derek hopped on Craigslist and found me a pretty awesome used machine. I tell you this machine may be older than me, but boy does she sew beautifully! I have fallen in love with sewing all over again.


So with my new found love of sewing, I have started sewing for another baby shower coming up next month. I starting with a cute quilted book bag to match a small baby quilt I’m making.


Now I just need to finish quilting the back panel and this book bag will be done! Back to sewing in between enjoying this fabulous summer.


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