Bluebird by Bob Staake

I LOVE wordless picture books! Depending on the day, mood, and who is “reading” it can really change the story of a wordless book. So when I discovered that Bluebird was a wordless picture book I knew instantly I had to read it.

Okay so this has become my favorite wordless book. What a tender, heartbreak, yet uplifting story. I did not realize a wordless book could evoke so much emotion.

I love the style of this book. The story is told through comic panels in a muted color palette, the blue bird being the only bright color offered for most of the book. This is one of those books that can not really be done justice without actually looking and reading the pictures. So my advice head to your local library and check out a copy of Bluebird. You will not be disappointed and amazed at the emotion this little boy and bird can bring to the surface. This is one I will be sharing with Nora once she is older and we can talk about what is going on in the comic panels.

I can not recommend this book enough. A great book for kids of all ages.


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