June Favorites

Favorite memories from the past month.

  • Busy month with lots of family activities.
  • Sewing on my new to me sewing machine! Sewing is fun again!
  • Michigan strawberries!
  • Beginning a deck garden (since we have way to many bunnies, plus this is much easier with a baby)
  • Enjoying quiet evenings with Derek once Nora goes to bed (some nights are easier than others)
  • Really getting to know some of my fellow book club members! Mix good beer, good food, awesome women, and you have a recipe for one awesome time.
  • Watching Nora starting to figure out this crawling thing. Getting up on our knees, but then she’ll slide back down and usually end up moving backwards, so cute with her baby booty it the air. And my word is she becoming mobile, rolling everywhere!
  • Camping with the whole family.
  • Taking walks with Nora again. Having spent most of the month with a bum ankle walking then spraining my other foot, walking just plain hurt. Finally I’m starting to add our daily walks back in, which are need to help with my anxiety.

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