7 Months

Where does the time go? Oh wait I know, watching this girl become mobile. This makes me both happy and sad.

7 things about Nora

  1. Her first tooth appeared this month! And the second is currently working its way out.
  2. Nora is army crawling and is really starting to get up on all fours. She just wasn’t moved forward yet, but it will be soon (too soon). And she just figured out how to sit herself back up! Can’t believe how fast she is growing.
  3. She is a side or tummy sleeper. The minute I put her down for bedtime she instantly rolls to her side and if I have to soothe her back to sleep at night or in the morning she is always on her tummy. (Just like mom and dad)
  4. My bookshelves are no longer safe. With her rolling and army crawling she can get to places and is starting to explore the house.
  5. Nora is not much of a napping child, but has been getting a little better. Which has been nice for this momma and it helps that she is doing pretty good about entertaining herself when I try and make dinner.
  6. Loves storytime at the library! (YAY!) Especially when we do bounces, that always gets her laughing.
  7. She enjoys music. Nora dances to the music during worship and I have music on during the day. I can put on some Lindsey Stirling and it will turn my fussy baby into a happy baby.

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