Summer Reading: #bookaday Update

August 1st, I swear it can’t be August already, but here it is. So this summer I have been doing quite a bit of reading with the #bookaday challenge and looking at my shelves on Goodreads I have read a lot of adult non-fiction. Now I have a love/hate relationship with non-fiction (I think it stems from all the crappy books I had to read in college) but this summer I have found and read some really amazing books and just thought I would share some of them here with you.

Now I have read plenty of food industry books and the information presented was not new to me, but what I loved was learning some of the history of the food industry. This book really reinforced what my husband and I had started doing in regards to our food and how we feed our daughter as well. And just encouraged us to continue to make strides down healthier food choices (shopping at the farmer’s market, meat coming from a local butcher). Not to say we are perfect but because of this book and a few documentaries I’m pretty proud of what we are putting into our bodies and it’s not loaded with chemicals.

Love, love, loved this book! I loved the library patron antidotes (as former librarian I could so relate). This book spoke to me about family, faith, libraries, and how they all can come together to create a life that you could never have imagined.

A graphic novel memoir of her five week stay in Paris with her mother. Plenty of angst, food, culture, travel, and more food. Now I really want to travel to Paris. A quick read and now I really must read Relish.

A fun interesting reading about all of the various myths parents will tell their children. Jennings tries to prove or debunk many of these parenting myths. If you need a laugh this is a pretty good one. I did like the book set up, in the fact that I could skip around if I wanted and read one about the myths that really interested me (though I did read the entire thing, I did jump around a bit).

I read this one purely because I have seen her on the Daily Show interview a few times. This is a laugh out loud funny! The perfect summer kick up for feet and laugh your ass off.

Every since I read Bomb earlier this year I have been looking for great non-fiction books on World War II. I have a fascination with this time in our history (history nerd alert!). So when I saw Kiernan on The Daily Show (I get a lot of my book recommendations from The Daily Show) I immediately added it to my to-read list on Goodreads. I loved the narrative form and how she compartmentalized the information presented just has it was for the women of Oak Ridge. Kiernan presented women from all walks of life and how their lives changed because they decided they wanted to help the war effort. One of my favorites of the year so far!



One thought on “Summer Reading: #bookaday Update

  1. Ann Perrigo says:

    Hey, Jess–I’m serving on the Outstanding Books for the College Bound this year, so if any of your reading makes you think, “Wow! Everybody should read this!” let me know! I read Relish this week and loved it–will have to find French Milk. Also, there’s a new book coming out about the romances brought about by the bombing of London. Sounds great, and you might like it. Have you read Connie Willis’ novels about London during the Blitz? Maybe…Blackout and All Clear?

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