8 Months

This girl she kills me with her cuteness!

8 things about Nora

  1. Crawling, who wants to crawl when you can just cruise instead. For the last month she has been pulling herself up on everything and just cruising along.
  2. Her bald spot is finally gone and she is starting to get a little more hair (just a little)!
  3. She naps in her crib, it has only taken 8 months but I think we are finally getting into a loose routine.
  4. Everyone always comments on how cute Nora is.
  5. Nora has started to help turn the pages when we read together. It is so adorable, she loves our home storytimes.
  6. Our dog Berrie pants whenever she plays, so Nora has started imitating her and it is the funniest thing ever.
  7. This girl loves eating. Peaches, watermelon, green beans, bacon, and chicken seem to be her favorites right now.
  8. Pretty much every afternoon we take a walk and she loves being able to see the sights and just babbles the whole time.

Even though we have tough days/nights which causes my anxiety to go through the roof, I can’t imagine life without my little Nora she has been such a blessing.


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