9 Months

It seems impossible that this girl is 9 months old! This is the best age so far, I LOVE it!


9 things to know about Nora

  1. She is a pro at crawling and cruising. She loves walking with help and has even tried to take a few steps on her own.
  2. Top teeth have starting coming in finally. One finally erupted this weekend and the second one is so close.
  3. Loves playing with the curtains so she can see out the window. She learned this trick from the dog!
  4. Began climbing stairs soon after my 8 month post, Berrie is her motivation! She loves that dog!
  5. Nora isn’t quite sleeping all the way through the night. But most nights she sleeps at least 7 hours straight (unless she is teething) and even then it is only one additional wake up and I’m perfectly okay with it. I may grumble but in the long run this is a very short time.
  6. She loves being outside! Playing in the grass, watching Berrie play fetch with me, plus going outside always cures her cranky mood.
  7. Boy oh boy is this girl talkative! (She gets that from her daddy!)
  8. Loves her daddy. When Derek walks up the stairs and she sees him, she has an instant smile. It just makes my heart melt.
  9. She is defiantly going to take after both mom and dad with her stubbornness and independence.

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