10 Months

I know I say this every month, but boy this girl is growing up so fast!

Here are 10 things to know about Nora this month:

  1. She started walking the day after I posted my 9 month update. She had been trying for about a week prior and finally decided she was brave enough to walk between Derek and I. It was such a surprise to both of us to watch her start walking. Now of course she it trying to learn how to run, because walking is just not fast enough.
  2. Nora is ticklish under her chin.
  3. I love her giggle, cutest thing ever!
  4. She is getting so tall, which makes it a little more difficult to dress her since 12 month pants are starting to get too short, but the 18 month pants are WAY to big around her waist. Time for mommy to alter some pants while she grows into them.
  5. She has started “reading” her books. Opens her book and babbles, turns the page and babbles. She will play and read her books for most of the day.
  6. Has discovered the kitchen cabinets and loves pulling out my dish towels and playing with them.
  7. Starting to figure out climbing. I’m not ready for this one yet!
  8. She has 4 teeth.
  9. Had her fist minor cold, which made her miserable and me miserable. But after a few days of extra snuggles we made it through.
  10. Loves riding on daddy’s shoulders.

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