Work in Progress – Loom Knitting

Lately I have actually been able to work on my projects, which is good since Christmas is coming up and I am trying to handmade the majority of our gifts this year. One it is using up my stash and two I am able to save my family some money by creating gifts myself. Plus handmade gifts are so nice to give.

I started loom knitting last year before Nora was born and I made her a little hat that she was able to wear for about a month. Since then my looms had just been sitting down in my sewing room going unused. Now I am using them and learning new stitches and really enjoying loom knitting (since I am not coordinated enough for knitting with needles). Plus it is a great way to pass time in the evening while watching movies with the hubby after Nora is in bed.

I’m making progress. I only need to make 2 more hats and some flower embellishments for the hats for my nieces. It has been quite fun, now I feel confidant enough to give my sock loom a try (it has only been sitting unused since Christmas) and make some warm socks for this winter.


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