11 Months

This month flew by. How is it already the end of November?! I simply can’t believe my baby is going to be a year old soon, yikes.

Here are 11 things to know about Nora this month:

  1. This girl is constantly moving, from the moment she gets up until she naps then until she heads to bed. Sure makes for busy days.
  2. Walking is mastered and now we can stand up in the middle of the room without crawling to something to pull herself up.
  3. After nursing I set her down and tell her to go give Berrie a hug and she does it, cutest thing ever!
  4. Loves watching me sew.
  5. Grabs her coat when she wants to go outside. Which has been a good way to keep me on track with running.
  6. Her and Berrie are best buds. She now claims Berrie has her dog too.
  7. Loves running around the house in a game of Mommy’s gonna get ya!
  8. When she is grumpy she will let you know it.
  9. But for the most part she is a pretty happy kiddo.
  10. Loves to sit on the couch with Mom and Dad.
  11. Such a snugly girl, just like her daddy.

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