WiP Wednesday : Trying to finish up quilts

8253389546_fdb631e427_oSo I made this quilt top about a year or so after I got married {almost 6 years ago}. I was starting to get back into sewing and was looking to try making a quilt. Well frustrated with my machine and not enough patience lead to me just giving up quilting at that time. Then in between 3 different moves I didn’t unpack my sewing machine until we finally landing in our current house and didn’t really get back into sewing until 2 years ago and even then I was still frustrated with my machine. So long story short after Nora was born and I found sewing to be a great therapy for me. So I decided to try my hand at quilting. And this year I actually completed 3 baby quilts {one for Nora and two has gifts}, so far. My quilt top from last week was the first quilt I made from a pattern. So I found this top will digging through my stash of fabrics and decided it was finally time to finish this quilt I started so long ago.


I decided I would just do some straight lines to start off with and see how it goes from there. This will be another quilt for Nora, then she will have 2 quilts which will make my life a little easier when it comes to bedding.


I pulled fabric that is going to be a quilt for my husband and I. This will be the largest quilt I have tried to tackle {a queen}, so I’m feeling a little intimidated but determined to finally have a quilt on our bed that matches our room. I’m planning on using the Charm Lane pattern again but doing the sashing a little different this time.


That’s all for now, minus some secret Christmas sewing! Happy Sewing! Linked up with Lee for WiP Wednesday.


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