Instagram Friday

biggby cupIt wouldn’t be a Saturday without my Biggby Coffee!

Finally got our tree up and Nora is fascinated by the tree. I decorated the tree is ornaments the could not get hurt if Nora pulled them off or the tree happen to topple over. So far so good, Nora has just taken off the the felt hearts and then puts them back on the tree!

Whoville 5kOn Sunday I along with my brother and his girlfriend ran the Whoville 5K in Grand Rapids. Yes, we ran through the snow and froze for part of the race, but it was great fun. Can’t wait for next years race and I will be dressing up me and Berrie. {And if I can figure out a way to get Nora to join in}

My NoraThis is where Nora will sit and play for the morning. She just loves her books and this mama is not complaining!

Making ProgressI am making progress! Only a few more strips that need to be quilted then its onto binding. Love the texture the wavy lines is creating, so fun. In the process of quilting this one I managed to kill my Brother sewing machine that has plagued my sewing since I started to sew more. So bye bye dead machine and hello to my older Dressmaker which sews like a dream! I’m in love with it and a paid $25 for it; the best money I have spent in a long time.

Neighborhood WatchOh these two. They would sit and look out the window all day, if they could sit still long enough. Silly child and a really silly dog, buddies for ever.

Sewing Room with a toddler

Whenever I sew, the little miss loves tearing my sewing room apart. I think its time I finally got everything organized and out of her reach. Maybe next year, maybe not, we’ll see.

tis the season

‘Tis the season for fun holiday accessories.


Working on a new bag pattern and using some of my stash fabric at the same time! Loving this Amy Butler print from her Gypsy Caravan collection.

I’m linking up with Insta-Friday at Life Rearranged. I’m @sewjess on Instagram if you want to follow along.instafridaybutton


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