12 Months

Where did this past year go?! It just doesn’t seem possible that my Nora is a 1 year old!

Here are 12 things to know about Nora:

  1. Talks all the time (she takes after her daddy) though you can really only make out mama, yeah, and sometime dada, but I’m okay.
  2. Girl has amazing balance, it helps that she has been walking for 3 months. Our dog can run close by and she can regain her footing most of the time.
  3. Loves eating. When I ask her if it’s time for lunch she will start opening and closing her mouth and gets really excited (especially if we are going to have some apple with lunch!)
  4. Enjoys going on my runs (thank goodness), even though it’s cold and snowy we still go, just all bundled up and she has a riot. Especially since I also take our dog Berrie with us. We are quite the sight, but running with a stroller and a dog is a great way to train for races.
  5. Loves musical instruments. We had a family Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Nora received a xylophone. She LOVES it, she even slept with it on the way home that night.
  6. Nora has never been one for toys, she always will look through books before toys. For awhile I had a Curious George stuffy in her room next to her puzzles and she just recently has started to carry George around with her. She will give him kisses and we sometimes have to read to George as well.
  7. She loves her daddy!
  8. Finally starting to sleep better at night!
  9. Nora is starting to become a little more social and mommy doesn’t always have to be there. This has been so nice since we have had quite a few family gatherings for the holidays and it’s nice to see her running around with the other kids.
  10.  Cardboard tubes are the best fun ever.
  11. She has the tiniest feet, so darn cute.
  12. Still loves sitting in mom and dad’s lap.

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