Instagram Friday : January 10

What a week. Between this nasty cold that all three of us got and the bitter cold and snow, we have spent a lot of time being homebodies this week.

Cutie PiesMy two greatest joys in my life!

Leg Warmer

Perfect for keeping mama’s feet warm on cold winter nights.

Nora's First SelfieNora wanted to help mama take pictures and managed to snap this one of herself. Oh Lord I’m in trouble!

Before and AfterSo yeah, the snow is all fine and good, but not when all three of us have been sick for the past week. So the snow kinda piled up on us. So Sunday I went out and found at least our walkway and a path from the house to the road {since we had some packages arriving}. Don’t get me wrong I love the snow but shoveling while sick just sucks.

Favorite YouTube MusicThis girl loves her music!

BerrieBerrie, doing what she loves, laying in weird positions.

Winter WonderlandI love looking out the windows and seeing all of the snow. Just didn’t appreciate the bitter cold, makes it tough to enjoy the snow. Hopefully all of the snow won’t melt this weekend with the thaw since I still want to get out and cross-country ski this season!

I’m linking up with Insta-Friday at Life Rearranged. I’m @sewjess on Instagram if you want to follow along.



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