Woodland Plus Quilt



Previously I have never undertaken a quilt bigger than say a slightly oversized crib quilt. And I’ve made plenty of crib sized quilts and a few wall quilts. But I had not ventured beyond because 1.) My previous sewing machine sucked the big one, and 2.) I was a little scared of the undertaken. Well no more, I have finished an oversized throw and it feels good.

I’ve been working on this quilt for about 2 months now and it feels so good to have it off my UFO list! I had the top pieced together, but I just didn’t have the motivation to piece the back and begin quilting. Until last week, I decided it was time to finish my plus quilt. A good practice run for the 7+ throw quilts I will be making before Christmas.

I used Jeni’s Arithmetic patchwork plus quilt pattern (Love her patterns, clear instructions and easy to follow!) and fabric that had been in my stash for ages! Between this quilt and a few others that I have pulled for, my stash has been depleted. Time for shopping! This quilt was pieced together with my new favorite thread Aurifil in 50wt white (#2024) and quilted with 40wt Mango Mist – Variegated (#4659). Seriously this is the best stuff ever!

For the quilting I decided to go with wavy lines and I love the texture that they created. My hubby has already claimed this quilt for himself. Guess I need to make another throw quilt for myself, oh darn!

And here are a few outtakes from our photo shoot. My hubby is such a good sport!


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