Books Nora Currently Loves

This is so far my favorite age! At just under 18 months Nora is so much fun and loves being read too! Which as a former youth librarian makes me so happy.

Nora seems to enjoy a wide variety of books and is pretty good about rotating which ones we read on a daily basis {yay for my sanity!} Though right now we have one book checked out from the library that I’m not sure what she is going when we have to return it.

I love this one for the title alone and Nora seems to enjoy the illustrations and the silly story. Wilbur different from the other naked mole rats, he enjoys getting dressed. This is an absolute delight to read aloud and would be perfect for pretty much any child that enjoys a humorous story.

Let’s just say if it has been written by Sandra Boynton it is a favorite in this house and this one is no different. I love that is a cumulative story and involves counting and addition.

Piggie is a frog, she just became a frog. Now Gerald is worried he is going to become a frog. A great story about pretending, Nora loves the animal noises and will make her stuffed frog jump around when we read it. One day I will own every Elephant & Piggie book and they will be well loved.

This is the absolute favorite right now. A filmmaker wants to make a documentary about an ordinary moose, but this particular moose wants to be an astronaut. As the story continues the read discovers that the film crew is just as weird as a moose who wants to be an astronaut.

*And just a reminder with schools ending for the summer, think about signing up for Summer Reading at your local library. These are excellent programs that really do help kids from suffering the summer slide. Plus it is a chance for kids to read books that they will enjoy and are not forced to read for school. And most libraries have other activities going on throughout the summer {drum circles, magic shows, nature centers, and much more} so make sure to check out the Summer Reading program at your library!*


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