Summer of Bicycles

As some know, we are a one car family. So I either walk or bike to places I need to get to. Thankfully we live in a nice centrally located neighborhood in Holland and I have access to nice pathways to downtown and to the state park.

At the beginning of spring I got a basket for my bike so I could easily haul books to the library, groceries from the farmer’s market, or beach necessities. I love riding my bike around town, faster than walking and nice for the environment.

I have been biking around town for the last month or so and this past Friday decided that Nora and I would make the 7 mile trek out to the Holland State Park. It was a beautiful morning for a bike ride. Since we left after the work rush it was a pretty quiet ride to the park. It was nice to take 40 minutes of my morning and just ride, Nora loves riding and is a great passenger.

I love the beach in the morning. When we got to the beach was empty and peaceful. Nora was in heaven playing in the sand with some of her beach toys and I got to sit quietly and read for awhile {while resting my legs for the ride home}.

The ride back home went pretty fast and we made it home for lunch. I love the beach but I can’t spend the whole day there. That would just be way to much sun for this pale pasty girl! This was a great practice ride for the rest of the summer. I see many more bike rides to the state park to spend time burying our toes in the sand. Though next time hopefully we won’t have teeth bothering my poor Nora.

I love being a one car family. It has made me be more intentional and slow down. I love the slower pace of walking or riding. Plus the added benefit of less gas to buy,car maintenance, and I am getting plenty of exercise this summer. It is possible to have a young child and not have access to a car during the day. It may not always be convenient but this works for our family right now.


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