Life Lately


Happy Friday! What a wonderful week. On Saturday after Nora napped we headed to Saugatuck Dunes and did some hiking. Nora was in her element. She had a blast walking the trails with us and she picked up a whole hat full of pine cones. This week Nora has been napping like a champion so that means I have been doing sewing and even managed to finish (minus hand stitching the binding) my mini quilt for the swap I’m participating. Have a wonderful weekend!


May Favorites

  • The weather was pretty wonderful!
  • I finished my plus quilt and one quilt for Christmas.
  • Playing on the playground with Nora.
  • Walking and bike riding.
  • Trips to the library.

April Favorites


  • Girls only vacation.
  • Coming home to my wonderful hubby.
  • Sewing a new bag that works wonderful as a diaper bag.
  • Running and training for my upcoming 10k race.
  • Flowers starting blooming, finally it started to feel like spring.
  • Spending lots and lots of time outside with my cute little family.

March Favorites

Favorites from the past month:

  • Actually being able to go outdoors and take walks with Nora and Berrie during the day. Still a little chilly but at least we were outdoors!
  • Sewing! I have been sewing up a storm this month. I’ve finished piecing together 2 quilt tops and finished a few mini quilts for my sewing studio.
  • Moving Nora to a big girl bed. It is low enough that she can climb in and out all by herself. Sure has made this independent little girl very happy. Now mama has to make a new quilt for her, oh darn! 😉
  • Having a few warmer days. I can at least see the brown grass, so it’s not all snow!
  • Happy mail from talented Instagram peeps.
  • Making time for myself.

February Favorites

Is it just me or did February drag by. Oh wait, that’s probably because of the snow and cold. I’m so over this winter!

Favorites from the month:

  • My new sewing machine!!!!
  • Having open weekends to do whatever strikes our fancy
  • Watching Nora light up during worship on Sunday mornings. Girl loves her music!
  • Taking a family day trip to Chicago to visit Shedd Aquarium. Nora LOVED it, she was so enthralled with all of the aquatic animals.
  • Knowing that March is coming and that someday this winter will come to an end!

January Favorites & Photo A Day Challenge

Favorite memories from the past month:

  • Hanging out at home for New Year’s, even though we were all sick it was just nice to spend time together as a family and watch movies.
  • Snow, all of the snow! I know I’m weird but I love the snow.
  • Extra snuggles with Nora since she was sick at the beginning of the month. She is quite the snuggler (guess is runs in the family).
  • Nora learning how to brush her hair. Loves to imitate her mama.
  • Celebrating 6 years of marriage to my amazing hubby!
  • Nora twirling with her stuffed animals when listening to music.
  • Bird watching with Nora.
  • Watching Nora work on puzzles and learning to put the pieces back in their spots.
  • Making progress on my Word of the Year. I’m remembering to just focus on today and I’ve never felt better!

December Photo A Day Challenge

Happy New Year! Here are my photos from the December Photo a Day Challenge hosted by FatMumSlim on Instagram.