WIWW: Simple Gathered Knit Skirt


Gathered Knit Skirt

On my summer bucket list, I said I wanted to try more garment sewing. Well this is my second attempt at sewing with knit fabric and I learned a few more valuable lessons this time around. Thank goodness knit fabric is so forgiving.

I love a simple gathered skirt, such a basic pattern but when paired with some awesome fabric it sure does make a great skirt. To help me get a nicer looking skirt I used a pattern I picked up a JoAnn a few weeks ago for like $2! I always hate the waistbands with a separate casing for the elastic so just folded down around the top of the skirt to make my casing, sewed around it leaving an opening for the elastic and threaded it through. I really wanted to have a yoga waistband, but this knit fabric is just too stretchy to really do well, no matter how small I cut the waistband after trying it on it was too stretched out and the skirt was falling off my hips. So lesson learned always check the stretch and recovery of your knit fabric!

With this skirt I wanted to hem my skirt to make it look a little more professional. So after reading many blog tutorials and tips for sewing with knits I thought I would give hem tape a whirl. Once I got the paper backing off, this made the difference in hemming knits. I will never hem a skirt without hem tape again!

Now to try sewing a dress!

*Outfit details

  • Skirt made by me, fabric purchased from local fabric store.
  • Target t-shirt
  • Chaco sandals
  • Necklace, purchased at a street fair



WiP Wednesday

7196d-10413177_645448648862491_920111224_n 0fbb8-928556_245904228936147_636471893_n

I have been sewing and quilting a lot lately. {Thank you Nora for naptime!} I am currently working on my mini quilt for my Schnitzel & Boo Quilt Swap. I really hope my partner enjoys it! And since I had some scraps from trimming I am starting a few mini quilts for myself!


I have also been trying my hand at garment sewing and this time with knits. So far so good, now that I better understand sewing with the correct needle. Yesterday I cut out a second skirt for me and a little circle skirt for Nora. My skirt needs to be hemmed and I’m thinking of a hi-low hemline.

That’s all for now. Happy Sewing!


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{summer skirt challenge} A-Line skirt

I think I have a problem when it comes to patterns. Well I just don’t like following them. I’m always changing a pattern to fit my needs. So this week I decided to take the plunge and really look into what it would take to create and draft my own pattern. {I did create my own pattern for the circle skirt, but that was just a simple pattern, it was time for a challenge}

I love the internet, have I mentioned that before. You can find just about anything you want to make on the internet. So I started looking for ways to draft my own pattern and there are plenty of tutorials out there for just that.

I can now take my basic pattern and create so many more skirts from this one pattern!

The sewing is super simple, sew the two side seams, add your elastic waistband {I’m all about elastic waist skirts in the summer}, then hem. Of course I hate hemming my skirts so I just added a ruffle to the bottom of my skirt, which I think turned out pretty nice!

love the pink a-line with a ruffle

{summer skirt challenge} Circle Skirt

A few weeks ago, I participated in a 48 hour reading challenge. During the challenge we were allowed to listen to one audiobook. Figured that would be a great time to start sewing on my skirts for the summer. Well I was able to complete 2 of them over the weekend.

One of the skirts I finished was my circle skirt. Literally this skirt took me about 45 minutes from start to finish. I followed this tutorial. The tutorial is for a girls skirt, but at the end gives instructions for creating an adult version. Super easy to follow and the skirt is so wonderful and comfy. I hate hemming skirts, so this skirt I just did a small zig-zag stitch around the bottom of the skirt to give it a sergered look without a serger!

This is a great skirt for storytime, very twirly and fun to wear for dancing with the kids!

my fun twirly skirt!


{summer skirt challenge} what I’m going to make

Summer is finally here! So thankful for the warmer weather, I was getting of cold weather and finally here it is. So it is time to get started on my Summer Skirt Challenge.

Here is the breakdown of the type of skirts I will be making for the summer:

  • June 15 – Circle Skirt
  • June 22 – A-Line Skirt
  • June 29 – Ruffle Skirt
  • July 6 – Gypsy Tiered Skirt
  • July 13 – Basic Summer Skirt
  • July 20 – Sew Serendipity Skirt
  • July 27 – Upcycled Skirt
  • August 3 – Recreated Skirt

Now I’m off to start sewing my circle skirt.

summer skirt challenge

I can’t believe that May is right around the corner. And for a Youth Librarian that means I’m starting to get busy. School visits then the Summer Reading Program. So I was thinking on my way home from work the other day that is would be kinda fun to create a new skirt to wear for my summer storytime. During the summer reading program I will have 8 Wednesday storytimes, so my challenge for myself is to create 8 new skirts to wear for storytime and I will post my new skirt for the week here on Wednesday mornings.

Time to start buying fabric and get sewing!

Sew Simple Skirts

I love wearing skirts.  They are so easy to wear and make you look a little more dressy and put together especially for work.  My day job as a youth librarian (birth-age 18) I’m all over the place on any given day.  So my skirts must meet a few requirements, first they need to hit right at my knees, I’m often at kid level so I like my skirts to be a little longer to make it easier for me to kneel down to their level.  Second I love skirts for storytime, they make the dancing much more fun when my skirt twirls with me, but those skirts must come well below my knees when I’m sitting.

So I thought for a fun challenge for myself I would create a new skirt for each week of my Summer Reading Program.  My program runs from June 13 to August 13, so nine weeks, nine new skirts to wear during the summer.  Plus this will be a great way to help me improve my sewing skills and become a more confident seamstress.

I made one skirt yesterday and was pretty happy with my first attempt on my own (I sewed plenty when I was younger but mom was there to help along the way).

Just a simple skirt pattern that I picked up from the local fabric store.  I need to embellish a little since it wasn’t quite the length I wanted so I added the green strip at the bottom.  Which I really like, it adds a little extra to a simple skirt without too much hassle. Off to sew a few more practice skirts and then one to my designer fabrics I picked up on sale!
Happy Sewing!